Somos una institución de carácter privado, aconfesional y apolítico, que ofrece un servicio de carácter interdisciplinario, desde la atención a usuarios en áreas y temáticas que se inscriben dentro de las cuatro líneas de salud mental.
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Intramural program

Step 1

Why an intramural treatment?

The user can reaffirm his goals in the short, medium and long term thanks to the monitoring during and after the treatment. The program lasts from 8 months to 1 year in residential, later it goes to the Cali Outpatient Program.

The treatment includes the following components: shaping and behavioral management, psychological and emotional management, intellectual and spiritual management, development of social, vocational and survival skills and preparation and orientation of their life project

Step 2

What does the program include?

Accommodation and food

Counseling and socio-family work

Management and prevention of relapse

Vocational orientation

Re-educational pedagogy

Family counseling

Psychological consultation

Recreation and sport

Psychiatry (optional)

Step 3

What professionals are in charge of rehabilitation?



Social worker

Occupational professional

Pharmaceutical chemistry

Pharmaceutical service assistant

Nursing Assistant